Project Medicaid Cure:
Medicaid Reform that Works for Patients and Taxpayers


The Foundation for Government Accountability (FGA) is a Florida-based think tank dedicated to mobilizing state leaders to confront critical policy priorities with market solutions, and equipping those leaders with proven methods and messages to win.


FGA’s Project Medicaid Cure unites governors, legislators, Medicaid directors, think tank leaders, providers and patients to achieve pro-patient, pro-taxpayer Medicaid reform in states across the country.

The Medicaid Cure infuses Old Medicaid with the winning strategies of choice, competition, innovation and real accountability. Patients can choose from several competing private plans the one that best meets their health needs. A new funding structure ties plans’ profit to improved patient health. And providers get paid on time, in full, at fee-for-service rates or higher.

The Medicaid Cure reform is built upon patient-centered strategies already succeeding in states like Florida, Kansas and Louisiana.


Then-Governor Jeb Bush and the Florida Legislature passed a Medicaid Cure reform pilot that began in 2006. The pilot operates in five of Florida’s 67 counties, serving 290,000 Medicaid patients. Pilot patients choose from up to 11 different plans, and plans offer 31 different customized benefit packages. Reform pilot plans outperform Old Medicaid in 19 of 30 widely tracked health performance measures, and 82 percent of the pilot’s performance measures have improved since 2008.

Taxpayers have saved more than $118 million annually since 2006. By 2014, the Medicaid Cure pilot will operate statewide, saving taxpayers nearly $1 billion each year.

Because of the Medicaid Cure, Gov. Bush was able to cut business taxes, reform the state’s child welfare system, and create one of the nation’s most robust school choice programs.


Lieutenant Governor Jeff Colyer, M.D., led the Kansas effort to develop and pass KanCare, which Governor Sam Brownback signed into law last year. KanCare went live in January 2013, serving the state’s 400,000 Medicaid patients with a choice of three plans. KanCare reverses a $200 million Medicaid budget shortfall, and allows Kanas Medicaid to once again cover life-saving procedures for patients, including heart and lung transplants.

Kansas’ Medicaid Cure is expected to save $167 million in its first year alone. In the next five years, KanCare will save taxpayers more than $1.1 billion.

The same week Gov. Brownback signed Kansas’ Medicaid Cure into law he also signed the largest tax cut in Kansas history, largely possible thanks to KanCare savings.


Governor Bobby Jindal’s Bayou Health launched in 2012 to tackle the state’s skyrocketing Medicaid costs and the program’s 49th in the nation health rankings. Bayou Health was accomplished through a State Plan Amendment, which spares policymakers from delays involved in attempting Medicaid reform with a federal waiver. Bayou Health serves Louisiana’s 900,000 Medicaid patients, giving them a choice of five different private plans.

Year 1 alone, Bayou Health saved Louisiana taxpayers $159 million. This Medicaid Cure is expected to increase taxpayer savings even more over time.

Since Louisiana’s Medicaid Cure took effect, Gov. Jindal pioneered school choice reforms and proposed an elimination of the state’s income tax.


Old Medicaid is failing taxpayers and policymakers. Old Medicaid consumes on average one in four state budget dollars, crowding out all other priorities, like education, public safety, tax relief and infrastructure repairs. State leaders who want to accomplish major reforms in any other area must first curb runaway Medicaid spending.

Medicaid is failing patients too. One-third of doctors won’t accept new patients enrolled in Old Medicaid, and Old Medicaid patients are more likely than the privately-insured or uninsured to use the ER for non-emergency care. State leaders have a moral imperative to move Medicaid patients from sickness to health and onto a better life. This is best done through patient choice and competition among several accountable, high-quality private plans.


Project Medicaid Cure equips you with the tools to achieve pro-patient, pro-taxpayer Medicaid reform, including:

  • A tailored Medicaid reform policy plan for your state
  • Model legislation customized for your state to achieve comprehensive or step-by-step reforms
  • State-specific research demonstrating the need for patient-centered Medicaid reform
  • Marketing and communications support to help amplify a winning message
  • Visits from Medicaid patients with compelling stories that validate how private plans change lives
  • Remote and side-by-side peer support from legislators who have already passed successful Medicaid Cure reforms
  • Guidance from Medicaid agency staff who have implemented successful reforms
  • In-state Medicaid reform outreach such as expert testimony, public events, caucus presentations and executive briefings


Project Medicaid Cure is supported by individuals and foundations who believe in pro-patient, pro-taxpayer Medicaid reform.  More than $1 million has been donated to support FGA’s Project Medicaid Cure so patients can have hope for a better life, and taxpayers can have the added financial security they deserve.  FGA and Project Medicaid Cure neither solicits nor accepts funding from Medicaid managed care companies or similar corporate entities.

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